Linda began her dance training at a local dancing school in Rockville Centre, Long Island. At age 6, it was suggested she advance her studies in Ernest Carlos’ studio in Manhattan where her teacher, Charles Hughes, saw her natural talent and encouraged her to audition for the newly popular television variety show, the Colgate Comedy Hour. She was hired to dance with Donald O’Connor.


During her last two years in high school, Mr. Hughes began preparing her to perform in night clubs as a solo dance act. Around the same time Linda added singing to her act and began auditioning for Broadway. Success soon followed and the revival of No, No Nanette became the first of four Broadway shows in which she performed. She also appeared in the summer stock and COST circuit productions of Irene, The Magic Show, Dames at Sea, and Bubbling Brown Sugar.


A turning point came when Linda did not want to further pursue a theatrical career — her pleasure was greater in dancing, than in performing. She continued studying dance and soon friends and colleagues alike asked her to teach what she had learned and executed so well. Charles Hughes, older now and wanting to take vacation time in the summers, asked Linda to substitute teach in his studio while he was away. She had no idea she was going to enjoy teaching as much as she did. Watching dancers improve their technique and their performance skills was very exciting to her.


Linda realized that she could become an even better teacher if she knew how the body functioned: Exactly how did the muscles react on the bones? Why can some people extend their leg hip-height, and hold the leg in position, when others can do only one or neither? Why did one dancer seem to float, and the other was grounded?


Linda became interested in Marymount Manhattan College’s Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Certification programs after reading an ad in ‘Backstage’ featuring the ‘Anatomy/Kinesiology’ course. It was an intensive education of Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Functional Anatomy, Cardiovascular and Resistance Training, Exercise for Older Adults, and how to communicate this information. Linda immersed herself in this material — so much so, that she was invited to teach the Functional Anatomy and the Teaching Adult Fitness courses in the very same certification program.


Her enthusiasm to promote joyful wellness and pain-free movement in both dance and fitness led her to create TAPaerobics™, Bare Bones of Anatomy, and Balance and Bones all under the banner Dance & Fitness. Linda is currently lecturing and teaching one-on-one and group classes and workshops to a variety of age groups and populations — general and apparently healthy women and men, as well as those living with osteoporosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and other debilitating conditions.


Linda hopes that by following the TAPaerobicsprogram, as instructed, you will have an exhilarating experience and find your “prescription for wellness.” Tap on!

The Beginning of a Great Career
Linda in her Broadway and Club days
Rehearsing USO show with George Jessel
Charles Hughes
Some of Linda's Theatrical Credits
On the set of "Enchanted" the Movie
The TAPaerobics Ladies
Showing off the TAPaerobics T-shirt
TAPaerobics Troupe
Linda and the TAPaerobics Troupe
Linda & Kathleen Conry, director "Dancing Backwards with Grace"
Dancers Over 40 'Tap I' Panel
Dancers Over 40 'Tap II' Curtain Call
Post-Performance at Ellington 114th Birthday Celebration
Dancing towards 70