Philosophy:  Your functional fitness begins with and is directed by you.
Medical professionals, colleagues, friends and family members often say “I know how you feel”.  Well, that’s absurd!   Only you know how you feel.  We are not assembly-line 'Fords'. Our left side is not identical to our right side — and we are forever changing. Most of us can’t even describe the type and intensity of our pain or where it is specifically located, and we can’t remember how today’s discomfort differs with yesterday’s.  With appreciation of your and others' accumulated knowledge — written or spoken, studied or experiential — you can determine the best route for your well-being.  You should never accept another’s word as finite.

Personally, I cannot accept the dismissive “what do you expect, you’re getting old” as the diagnosis of a problem. You shouldn’t either. We all have the potential to be “miracles”. We just need the will to live well, the self-esteem, and the knowledge “to set ourselves up for success”. And then we must be patient, not 
a patient.

I take full responsibility for the outcome of each of my days. I think you can do the same. And, I think I can help you accomplish this life-goal.
think of myself as a ‘body mechanic’.  Here’s why:
  • I perform a full-body check periodically 
  • I listen to my body — at rest and on the move
  • I warm-up my body before I call upon it to move ‘full-throttle’
  • I’m alert to imbalances, change, noise

If misaligned, I follow the path of impact; locate the root cause:
  • a squeak in the chassis could indicate the tires need balancing and realignment
  • a click in my knee may indicate a misaligned pelvis/’sitting on a hip’ and a need to strengthen the ‘balance’ muscles  

I can help you help yourself pass inspection and do the work before a new part becomes necessary and you find yourself permanently parked curbside.

Quotes by which I greet the day:


“Thank You.  I am blessed.”

“Listen to your body. It is speaking a language with which you are familiar.”

“You can do and feel better today than you did yesterday.”


In conclusion: If you are functionally fit*, you can ‘dance’ through life — with or without tap shoes.


*Functionally fit = physical capability of executing ‘activities of daily living’ pain-free, with appropriate postural alignment, without fear of injury.