Tap — as a Wellness Activity

You may have noticed included on my Calendar page, that many of the classes scheduled offer opportunities to tap dance — tap dance at varying levels of expertise.  This is because tap dancing is a viable path to wellness, both physically and emotionally.    I am proof this is so. I’ve been a tapper since I was 6 years old, and am feeling bodily comfortable and energized — and I’m optimistic and happy.

Should you choose to go in this direction, I will be eager to work with you to teach you all I’ve learned and enjoyed from tap dancing in the Lambent Hughes style.

Lambent Hughes is a new name for an old recognizable style of tap dancing. I coined the term to help define the teaching I do. Lambent means ● playing lightly on or over a surface; ● marked by lightness or brilliance especially of expression; and Hughes is the last name of the man who taught and mentored me.  Charles Hughes (11/7/27 – 1/23/95) had an instinct and wisdom that allowed those he taught to dance rather than just make noise; to honor our bodies and avoid getting injured; and to enjoy our good health whether in class, practicing home alone or on stage.

The Lambent Hughes Tap Technique is based upon not only an educated respect for the body, but approved and sound guidelines and protocols of the fitness industry.

You can create clear, crisp, percussive sounds with your feet; use every bone and muscle
in your body — appropriately and workably aligned; move to all styles and rhythms of music;
and so doing = look and feel great!

It is a method that has kept me fit and free to dance at almost 70 in the very same manner that
I did in my youth.

I would like nothing more than to keep this style alive while helping anyone who learns it to be comfortably and joyously functionally fit.


My TAPaerobics® DVD and TAPboardTM are all you need — but I hope you will join us for an actual tap class too.  Click here for class descriptions and Calendar.
Tap Offerings — in addition to regular classes

Tap-Basics Workshop  (12-dancer maximum, four 1½ sessions)

For students with little or no dance experience. 

  • Focus on postural alignment, balance, and rhythmic coordination
  • Learn to tap dance with clarity, comfort and ease
  • Tap shoes not required


Tap Dance Intensive for Actors and Singers (6-artist maximum, six 1½ sessions)

  • Learn basic dance vocabulary and technique
  • Improve your posture, flexibility and coordination
  • Learn presentation techniques
  • Increase your physical comfort when acting, singing, auditioning
  • Tap shoes not required