How I Can Help You — A Prescription for Wellness

My services are built on the scientific and practical knowledge that moving comfortably and effectively through your life is achievable. Most of what you have come to expect as simply the discomfort of aging and the stress of living can be significantly reduced or eliminated.  In many instances, we can prevent certain occurrences from happening again.

Yes, the medical community must help to diagnose the condition and suggest a path to wellness, but we need to help develop and participate in our own individual Prescription for Wellness.  I can help you do this. 
    Wellness Activities

    Your wellness activity could be anything — dance, sports, a hobby.  All programs can be designed to warm you, work you and therefore, make you comfortable to joyously live each day.

    Since it is you in the driver’s seat, please start your journey today.  Read below the list of ways I can help.  Then, contact me to discuss the development of your personal Prescription for Wellness.
    Tailor-made Dance & Fitness and/or Educational Events
    (for family, friends, students, employees, community groups; in your home, place of business, community center, dance or fitness studios)
    Lectures with participatory demonstrations
    • Bare Bones of Anatomy — focuses on providing you with the information you need to understand the basic functioning of your body      Read more here   
    • Bone Health Basics  — focuses on activities you must incorporate into your life which will help you maintain and improve      Read more here    
    One-on-one Assessment (55 minute session)  
    • Areas of Assessment — Alignment, Balance, Posture, Endurance, Gait, Joint Mobility, Range of Motion
    • Prerequisite for Wellness Coaching      Read more here  


    Wellness Coaching (Single 55 minute session or 4-session package)


    Uses information attained from one-on-one assessment to develop an individual program to meet identified needs and goals for

    • general population
    • special populations w/specific concerns (i.e., Parkinsons, MS, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis)      Read more here  


    Full Body Workout — at or away from home

    • Perfect program to use on the road or at home
    • Enjoy a complete strength training workout incorporating easy-to-use resistance bands
    • Any benefits you can achieve in a gym using free weights or machines can be accomplished with these elastic bands

    Privates (one-on-one sessions)  or  Classes (group sessions)   Click here for current class schedule          
               Can take place in your home or in a rental studio space

    Dance training specifically designed to meet your goals, whether to:

    • learn tap and/or jazz basics
    • improve your technique
    • add style by incorporating isolations and blending of arms, hips, etc.

    Fitness training specifically designed to meet your fitness goals of:
    • aerobic improvement
    • strength
    • flexibility



    All of the above will help you increase your well-being by strengthening your aerobic and skeletal systems, your presentation appearance and coordination — with the side benefit of reducing any pain or discomfort you may currently have when you dance.

    Tap Dancing as a Wellness Activity
    You may have noticed that integrated in my class schedule are many levels of tap instruction.  I believe that tap dancing is a viable path to wellness — as it offers heart and bone health enhancement, flexibility, strengthening and, as a bonus, it’s fun and good for the brain!  Should you choose to go in that direction, I would like to work together to teach you all I’ve learned and enjoyed from tap dancing in the Lambent Hughes style.
    Tap Offerings

    Tap-Basics Workshop  (12-dancer maximum, four 1½ sessions)

    For students with little or no dance experience. 

    • Focus on postural alignment, balance, and rhythmic coordination
    • Learn to tap dance with clarity, comfort and ease
    • Tap shoes not required


    Tap Dance Intensive for Actors and Singers (6-artist maximum, six 1½ sessions)

    • Learn basic dance vocabulary and technique
    • Improve your posture, flexibility and coordination
    • Learn presentation techniques
    • Increase your physical comfort when acting, singing, auditioning
    • Tap shoes not required