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Linda's years of study and experience have combined to help develop these products which she offers below.

TAPaerobics®  — the DVD

Now you'll be able to get your cardiovascular workout tap dancing in front of your TV — no need to leave home.
Improve your endurance by strengthening your heart and lung capacity while practicing your favorite traditional tap steps. Structured to conform to the fitness industry's safe and effective guidelines, you'll participate in a warm-up, 3 aerobics segments and a cool-down all set to stimulating and exciting music at just the correct BPM to provide you the appropriate workout. Download the TAPaerobics® — the DVD brochure here.
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The Dance & Fitness  TAPboard™ 
—  the Portable Practice Station

Protect your body and your floors while practicing your TAPaerobics® at home or away.

Each TAPboard™ is made-to-order of quality Baltic Birch plywood here in the U.S.A.  Full extended size is 30" x 72" and hinges in the middle for easy storage.

The matte Polyurethane finish produces an attractive non-slip surface upon the tap side, while cushioned matting on the under-side protects your floors and prevents scratching or marring. Most importantly, this construction protects you — your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back — and produces a crisp, clean, sound with or without taps on your hard-soled shoes.  Download the TAPboard™ brochure here.

To order or for more information, contact Linda directly at   Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 
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The shoes worn by Linda in the DVD (both "non-tap" tap shoes and  tap shoes) were purchased at Menkes in New York City.  If interested in these particular shoes, contact Maya:  Phone: 1-212-541-8401  
Mention TAPaerobics® and receive a 5% discount.




TAPaerobics® is a registered trademark of Linda Rose Iennaco